Jan 30, 2009

We Finally Made the Switch

I posted a while back about how we were going cloth, but we didn't actually go cloth until today. I resold the fuzzi bunz that I had bought because I decided it was too pricey of an option. I'd have to do laundry every day with just 14 diapers and I'd have to spend again on another batch each time she grew out of the current size.

So I'm going way old school. I went prefolds and wraps. The prefolds are super cheap so I got 36. Now I'll only have to do wash every three days or so! And I got 6 prorap wraps. The only thing I'll have to buy more of as she grows is the wraps but they're $40/6 wraps so that's still a huge savings! And the best part is that for our next little munchkin we won't have to buy diapers at all!

And here's more detail than you probably want. But just after I put her in her first cloth diaper she filled her pants. I mean it was a good one. She'd been storing up for a while. I thought for sure it'd be a blow out (it would have been with disposables) but NOPE! Fully contained! No outfit change needed!

Here's our little cutie patootie sporting her new diaper duds!

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Cheryl said...

I almost can't believe that the two of you have "seen the light" and come over to the cloth diaper school of thought! Yippee! I'm so proud of you. And you didn't even have to get a separate washing machine! :-)