Jan 25, 2009

Mean Mommy

Today I discovered something Ella doesn't like. I was singing patty cakes to her and holding her hands and going through the motions. When I got to the part where you say, "...paaat it, and roooll it..." I moved her hands real fast and changed my voice tone to a lower more drawn out tone and this is what I got for a reaction (no tears, just super stuck out bottom lip!):
So what did I do? I called for Jason to get the camera and did it again so I could get it on film. It was just too funny!


Jessica said...

This is soooo cute!! I love that face.

Esther said...

Oh my word - Kirsten does this EXACT same thing. I feel bad laughing but it is hilarious! Now, would we be REALLY bad mommies if we try to coordinate it tomorrow so that the both do this at the same time??

Cheryl said...

That is so cute and funny! I wonder if she thinks that's your angry voice or what?