Jun 5, 2013

Just Call Her Ella the Duck Whisperer

If you'll recall an earlier post about chasing ducks and kissing goats, it may have appeared that my child likes to terrorize small winged creatures.  I assure you, she does not.  She LOVES animals.  She only wanted to pet a duck and was then enthralled with the reaction she got from said small winged creatures.

Well, on a return visit to Auntie Jen and Uncle Greg's Ella insisted that she REALLY wanted to pet a duck.  I explained that they would run away again and I didn't want to give the poor little things heart attacks.  But, my child is a persistent one and she persuaded me to let her try once more.

THIS was the result.  
Duck catching, petting, kissing and yes, even holding success...
in her black sparkly dress shoes none the less!
My sister was astonished.  
Amazed actually.  
She'd not have believed me if we didn't have the pictures to prove it. 
She said she can't even get near them.  
And apparantly some of my sisters friends question her honesty.  
Because they did not believe her when she told them that Ella got this close to the ducks.  
So here is the photographic proof.
 Oh yes, my friends.
She caught and petted not only this one, but one of every color... even a brown one, which she held,
and it pooped on her.  
 Us Fraunhofer girls, we are many a thing, but liar is not among them!
Behold, I give you: Ella, the duck whisperer

Eat it!

If you know when his birthday is, you know that in real time, he's 10 months old...almost 11.
But in my busy world, in photo downloading, editing, blogging time, we've not yet done 9 months.  So here he is in all his glory!

The following photo sequence and accompanying commentary sum up Josiah's life quite well!
Mom put me on this blanket.

WHOA mom.  This sun is REALLY bright. 

I don't want to be on a boring blanket!  What's this green stuff!?

I'm going exploring... catch me if you can!

What's this?

I shall determine the answer by eating it.

Hmmm, what's over there?

Lets eat it!

Mmmmm, this looks veeery interesting.

I'm a gonna eat it!

See ya later!  I'm off again!