May 6, 2013

Chasing Ducks and Kissing Goats

Ella LOVES to visit Auntie Jen and Uncle Greg.  You see, their house is awesome.  There is a climbing rope and monkey swing in their cathedral ceiling living room.  There is a pond and stream.  There are goats, chickens, ducks and two dogs that are pretty much at her mercy and don't mind one bit.  There are also evening jaunts to help Auntie Jen with the horse chores.  She even got to lead a horse all by herself for the first time!

We had just such occasion to visit a few weekends ago to attend Auntie Jen's baby shower.  She's due in two weeks and we can't wait to meet Baby Ian!  Here are just a few pictures of Ella's fun!


Jen said...

I love the top duck chasing picture. Her face is priceless!

Sarah said...

Sorry Jen, your ducks may have been a wee but traumatized after this photo shoot :)

Shannon Wheeler said...

My not-at-all-secret dream is to have a farm with goats!!!! I LOVE this post! It makes me smile.