Apr 30, 2013

Finding My Rhythm

I've been working evenings for a little over a week now... and today, I feel  like I finally found my rhythm.  Either that, or some crazy burst of energy that will leave me more tired than before come this evening!

Here's how my days/nights look:
4:30am Jason gets up to get ready and leave for work
6am Im awake with Josiah
Take care of children and house etc. during the day
4-4:30pm Jason arrives home (we exchange pertinent information as fast as possible)
4:45pm I leave for work
10:30pm I arrive home finish anything needed to get ready for the next day, get ready for bed
11/11:30ish Go to bed
2am awake to nurse Josiah
start all over again.

It was really rough.  I was getting really heavy eyes near then end of my shift at work.  I was finding it near impossible to get up in the morning.  I was struggling just to keep it together during the day, let alone be present and active with my children and not seeing Jason at all STINKS.  Jason got home early one day last week and I took a nap.  I slept in until 10:30am on Saturday morning and I took another nap on Sunday.  Monday was okay.  And today, I finally feel like I've found a rhythm.

Last night I spent some time with God when I got home, wrote Jason a lovey dovey note (figuring if we just pass like ships in the night, at least we can pass notes back and forth like we're school children again) and then made a plan for the day.  Today I've accomplished the following:
Took a Shower (big stuff I know! ;)
Swept the whole downstairs
Did a few mountains of dishes
Prepped Dinner
Cleaned 3 bathrooms
Emptied all the trash
Had the ADT guy come out to get out alarm system up and running again
played outside with the kids (swinging, t-ball, "princess ponies")
Took the dog for a walk while pulling the littles in the wagon.
Set up and did a fun activity with Ella during Josiah's first nap
Had a finger and toe nail painting party with Ella during Josiah's second nap
Took some nice pictures of the kiddos
Got out the kids and my summer clothes
Did a MILD organizing of the storage room (had to in order to get to the summer clothes ;)
Oh, AND blogged!

Wowzers!  Feelin' Good.  I think tomorrow I might need a nap again!

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Cheryl said...

Oh my! Sounds like a very busy day. I'm hoping the furlough days end, so you can get back to more normal life.