Apr 10, 2013

Hi-HO, Hi-HO its off to work I go!

Maybe you've heard about this.... our government can't agree on and come up with a budget.  Its recklessly spending it's way into an oblivion of debt whilst hardworking people like ourselves are doing everything we can to get out of debt and live within our means... even... (gasp!) GIVING money away  AND putting money into savings.  Crazy I know!  Can you tell I get a little ruffled by it all?

Anyhoo, I digress.  Because our government is reckless, my husband is being furloughed at least 14 days it looks like.  What does furlough mean?  It means... we don't pay you for 14 days.  It means 20% pay cut   It means our nations national defense shuts down for 14 days.  Not good people.  Not good.

But I cannot control any of this.  I can only control what I think and what I do.  So I choose to pray and to trust.  And I choose to go get a job.

Yes, we'll be OK if the furlough goes through.  But we won't be able to save, continue to pay down debt and we'll have to cut out EVERY extra.  And by extra's I mean, buying ANYTHING for the kids or us other than groceries and gas.  We don't DO a ton of extras over here to begin with folks.

GOD IS GOOD.  I hopped on the internet to search for some sort of job that would provide us with some extra income but still allow me to stay home (because if I had to pay for childcare it would all cancel each other out anyway!)  HERE IS WHAT HE PROVIDED the very day I went online to look!

  • I am going to score the essay portions of standardized tests (sure I might be geeky, but I think that sounds like fun!).  
  • The hours are 5:30pm-9:30pm Monday - Friday.  WEEKENDS STILL FREE FOR FAMILY!!!
  • It is not continual.  Bathches of tests come through and you sign up for the ones you want!  If you don't want to sign up for any because say.... your husband is going to be out of town for a month... you're going up to camp for a week... or you just want a break... You don't have to!!!
So I rejoin the "working" world again.  Orientation is tonight!  


Shar5309 said...

Congratulations! It sounds like something similar to what I did a few summers ago. In Dover, NH I scored the math portion of the Massachusetts tests. I was teaching at the time so they wouldn't allow me to score ME stuff. I loved the flexibility of being able to choose testing weeks & being able to enjoy the summer days. Although it can be tedious, I thought it was interesting. Good luck with everything!

Sarah said...

I bet it's the same company Sharon. I can score reading, English, social studies, science and math and it's ongoing! As long as I want!

Cheryl said...

It sounds like interesting work and nicely flexible. But I loathe the government for not operating on a budget! I'm going to be worrying about you going to and from your car at night, too. :-(