Apr 11, 2013

Josiah Video

He's actually only six months in this first video.  I love this little voice so much!!!
I have tried EVERY bib.  Velcro, snap, and now T-shirt collar.  Its no match for Houdini.  I need to just make a shirt style bib that ties in the back... also known as a straight jacket.
The boy is fast.  
I was just trying to capture his mad finger food skills with bananas.  And I got this!  He signs "more" for the first time at 8 1/2 months old.  I've been doing the more sign with him since about 6 months old.  So exciting!  Maybe this will decrease the fussing!
And here is a sweet little gem.  Ella LOVES her brother.  Sure there are the occasional frustrating moments where Ella wishes she had my attention, or his fussing is getting on her last nerve.  In turn, Josiah LOVES hi sister.  Sure there's always the moments where she turns on heel to run and accidentally trips over him, kneeing him in the head.  But isn't that what siblings are for!?  For the most part Ella is helpful, involved and intentional with her brother without every being asked.  And Josiah adores her, watches her every move and thinks everything she does is amazing and hilarious... you know, save for the kneeing him in the head thing.  I have prayed that they would have a wonderful sibling relationship and it brings me such joy to see those prayers answered.  I will continue to pray for their relationship all of my days!  

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