Jul 7, 2013

10 Months Old!

Well, he's pretty darn near one year old in reality.  And Im not even sure I'll get any "11 month old" pictures taken.  So these shall do.  They are adorable enough for two months worth of pictures!

He is pulling himself up and cruising along anything he can find.  
He giggles, and belly laughs all the time.  
He squeels and screeches with delight when he does something he's pleased with.  
I have found NOTHING that will deter him from playing in the dogs water dish and bowl.  Like a moth to a flame.
He likes the water quite a bit.  Loves his tubby and loves a good dip in the pool or lake.
He eats like a champ and nurses like a champ too.  He likes almost everything we feed him and would much prefer something he can feed himself than something he has to be spoon fed.
He's napping two solid 2-3 hour naps a day... praise the LORD!
He's sleeping BETTER.  But is the lightest sleeper I know.  He wakes up at the slightest noise and still needs to be resettled once or twice a night.
He says Dada, Ella "rerra", Doggie, ball, done, and has uttered mama ONCE.
He has 7, almost 8 teeth and cutting them is not the fussy painful event it used to be.
He's had TWO haircuts!!
He LOVES his sister.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her.  And the feeling is mutual.  I continue to pray for this bond to last and grow.  It is precious to see.  
We took a family trip out to Minnesota to visit my dad's side of the family.  This wild child, always on the go little boy had me worried... but he did AMAZING on the 3 hour flight!  And both he and Ella were stellar during a 5 hour delay and then 3 hour flight home!  God is good!
He has a special knack for finding trouble in a split second and getting his cute little heiny over into said trouble in two seconds flat.  
He is an escape artist.  Even buckled in as tight as we can get him, he can kneel, stand up and turn around in his highchair and any grocery cart around.  Seriously working on my nerves here.
He is a COMPLETE mama's boy.  If I am in sight he wants me and only me.  Fussing and reaching for me like it's been decades since he's been in my arms.  Endearing sometimes, downright tough other times.
He keeps me on my toes this one.
He is sweetness and all boy perfectly blended into one!