Aug 31, 2013

Back to School Celebration!

I decided we needed to kick off this very momentous Pre-K school year right.  We put a VERY high value on education in this home and I think it's important for us as parents to set the tone.  I want Ella to view school in a positive light and to be excited to go, make friends, and learn.  I got my inspiration from nieniedialogues.  (And, no, I'm not mormon, but just because someone believes something different than me, it doesnt mean they can't have some rockin' ideas!) But our back to school celebration was... and ALWAYS will be 1/1000th of what she pulls off.  
Let me start off by saying that I don't do stuff like this because I feel like I "have to", because I'm trying to keep up with the Jones's or because I think I need to live up to some ideal on Pinterest.  I do stuff like this because I LOVE to!  It's my thing.  And if it's not your thing, please don't think for solitary second that I judge you.  Because I don't!  I'll be me.  You be you.  It'll be awesome!

I realized as I was posting these pictures that it looks kind of elaborate.  With the heart of not putting on pretenses and keeping things real, let me assure it, it was not elaborate.
I had the plastic table cloth, wrapping paper, paper plates and napkins left over from previous BBQ's and parties.  

I went back to school shopping and packer the backpack that she's had for years with her pencil box, a lunch box, and a few do-dads I found on clearance that I knew would make her year!

The sunflowers were grown by Ella herself, right from seed and it only seemed fitting to decorate with them.

She requested pizza and chocolate milk for her special dinner.  You can see all of our efforts to get her to eat healthy are paying off :).  The pizza is from a box.

I stayed up a little later than normal the night before making the cake (funfetti box mix in a 9x13 pan), writing out the Bible verse on construction paper and constructing a special Pre-K crown with cardstock and good old crayola!

The balloons, I had J grab on the way home from work.  Sent Jason outside with the kids for a half hour before dinner so I could set up and... Voila!  Instant back to school Par-tay!

 Here she is just before we left for school.  Look at the last year and this year side by side!  She's grown so much!!!  (Why won't her hair do the same!?!?)

 And here she is.  backpack hung, lunch box on the shelf, pencil box in her her cubby and all settled in at her desk for pre-K!  She didn't shed one tear.  As I walked away and stood in the doorway, expecting her eyes to follow me, and give her one last wave good-bye... she wasn't even looking.  She was already talking to her new friend that sits right beside her.  So proud of her!  She's come a long, long way!!!

Aug 29, 2013

Back On The Radar

Oh hello.  Today Ella went to her first day of Pre-K (here's a sneak peak picture)!  With only one child at home, who naps in the morning, I found myself wandering aimlessly around my house at 9:30am, amidst deafening silence wondering, "What.  Do.  I. Do?"

I considered my options.  Fold laundry.  Sweep.  Mop.  Organize.  Clean bathrooms.  Watch TV.  Read.  Then I realized I haven't blogged all summer.  And so here I am.  Perhaps in these rare down times I shall have time to catch up with all my photos and such! 

SUMMER. WAS. CRAZY.  I just looked back at my calendar and there was not ONE weekend that wasn't booked with something!  Here is the quick and dirty run-down!

-quick!  get garden fence in.
-Jason hurts digging fence post holes
-My sister has her first
Jason goes to CT for work for 3 weeks.

-SIL Erin, spends many a weekend visiting... YAY!
-We visit my sister and Baby Ian
-We go to camp a weekend or two.
-We take a 5 day trip to MN to visit my dads side of the family.

-my sister visits with baby Ian
-SIL Erin visits some more
-my Aunt, Uncle and cousins come stay with us for a week
-we go to camp for another weekend
-We have a BBQ/Josiah turns one bash at our house to see friends we haven't seein in MONTHS!
-I volunteer to help in Ella's class for VBS for the week
-Jason finds out wrist is actually broken from back in May
BOOM it's August

-Haskell family reunion and another weekend at camp - AWESOME!
-Do some get connected things at camp
-Family photo shoot and visit my sister - Ella rides a pony again!
-Full week vacation at camp
-Weekend getaway to celebrate 10 years of marriage!!!  ROCKIN'
-BOOM, Ella goes back to school.

CRAZY!  It was packed with friends, and lots and lots of family which is the way we like it!  It was busy, but in a fun, kickin' it kind of busy way.  I shall miss it, but I am also welcoming the new routine and rhythm that the school year brings.  The crispness in the air that beckons in fall.  These things, they are good for my soul!