Aug 29, 2013

Back On The Radar

Oh hello.  Today Ella went to her first day of Pre-K (here's a sneak peak picture)!  With only one child at home, who naps in the morning, I found myself wandering aimlessly around my house at 9:30am, amidst deafening silence wondering, "What.  Do.  I. Do?"

I considered my options.  Fold laundry.  Sweep.  Mop.  Organize.  Clean bathrooms.  Watch TV.  Read.  Then I realized I haven't blogged all summer.  And so here I am.  Perhaps in these rare down times I shall have time to catch up with all my photos and such! 

SUMMER. WAS. CRAZY.  I just looked back at my calendar and there was not ONE weekend that wasn't booked with something!  Here is the quick and dirty run-down!

-quick!  get garden fence in.
-Jason hurts digging fence post holes
-My sister has her first
Jason goes to CT for work for 3 weeks.

-SIL Erin, spends many a weekend visiting... YAY!
-We visit my sister and Baby Ian
-We go to camp a weekend or two.
-We take a 5 day trip to MN to visit my dads side of the family.

-my sister visits with baby Ian
-SIL Erin visits some more
-my Aunt, Uncle and cousins come stay with us for a week
-we go to camp for another weekend
-We have a BBQ/Josiah turns one bash at our house to see friends we haven't seein in MONTHS!
-I volunteer to help in Ella's class for VBS for the week
-Jason finds out wrist is actually broken from back in May
BOOM it's August

-Haskell family reunion and another weekend at camp - AWESOME!
-Do some get connected things at camp
-Family photo shoot and visit my sister - Ella rides a pony again!
-Full week vacation at camp
-Weekend getaway to celebrate 10 years of marriage!!!  ROCKIN'
-BOOM, Ella goes back to school.

CRAZY!  It was packed with friends, and lots and lots of family which is the way we like it!  It was busy, but in a fun, kickin' it kind of busy way.  I shall miss it, but I am also welcoming the new routine and rhythm that the school year brings.  The crispness in the air that beckons in fall.  These things, they are good for my soul!

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Carrie said...

Awesome! Happy to see Ella's face there. :) You've inspired me to try blogging's been so long. :) (I think I set my standards too high, waiting till I have something profound... HA.)