Feb 18, 2010

Furry Friends

I'm back! The lovely cable man set up our high speed internet and VOI unlimited local and longdistance phone today (super steal...$40/month for BOTH...check out comcast if they're in your area!) and I could've just 'bout kissed him! (Don't worry. I didn't!)

We closed on Friday. A ton of fabulous people helped us clean and move on Saturday. And I'm proud to say that I have everything unpacked and put away except for like two boxes!!!

This house is amazing! We love it! We are so grateful! When the busy day settles, the babe is in bed and silence spreads through the house as we ease onto the couch we still look at eachother in disbelief and say, "Pinch me" ! And yes...the gian tub has been tested and proven fabulous!

The only excitement to speak of started up just as we nestled in to sleep our first night here. There are alwasy new noises to get used to in a new home...creaks and groans, the furnace and water pipes etc. But this...this was different. It was apparent that we had some furry friends sharing our lovely abode. To be more specific...squirrels...in the celing between the 1st and 2nd floor! They were havin' a good old time ALL NIGHT LONG. They sounded like a herd of squeeky, chirping antelope running around on my head! We bought a trap but then hadn't heard them since. We figured with the new noise of people living there, they decided to move on. Until last night...
As I lay snuggled up with Jason on the couch watching the Mens halfpipe final (no one can even touch Shawn White by the way!) something caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little movement...I thought....maybe I'm just paranoid...Ohp, Nope...there's a little squirel head, pushing past the insulation and peeking into our living room through the woodstove hook up pipe!!!!

I couldn't even find words. I think it went like this..."JASON! JASON! JASON!" (as I point frantically toward the pipe) "THERE'S A... THERE'S A...THERE'S A..." (more frantic pointing) "LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!" (He finally figures out what I'm talking about since I was SO very clear about it!) He jumped up, and scared it back up the pipe and duct taped it shut. We both had a good laugh. I think we'll set those traps up now.

Feb 13, 2010

Goin' offline!

Yesterday we closed on our house!!!
Holy Hannah Banana it's actually ours!!!
Praise God!!!

Today we'll be cleaning and moving with the help of some most amazing friends!

We'll also be offline for a bit. But don't worry. We'll be back soon....with plenty of pictures!!!

Feb 9, 2010

Stayed Put :)

We have a folder in our filing cabinet labeled "Important House Documents".

While trying to find something needed for THIS FRIDAY'S closing (YIPEE!) I realized that this is a complicated folder...especially for a 28 year old and a 30 year old. After finally locating needed document I decided that this folder needed a little organization.

It is now divided into:
-Eaton St. Purchase
-Eaton St. Sale
-Old County Rd. Purchase
-Old County Rd. Sale
-Beaver Dam Ln. Purchase.

So many purchases and sales...and all in about 5 years time. Oh, how I long for settled, for simplified folders, for simplified lives, for staying put. Lord, I pray that we will now be "stayed put"!

Feb 4, 2010

The "next thing"....It's never ending.

Life. Hectic? Yes. Stressful? Very much so right now. But Good? Always.

I've been thinking a lot lately. Recently I've fallen into the trap of living for the next thing. And by thing, I don't mean material thing. I mean I've been living in this place of, "I can't wait 'till she goes down for a nap." "I can't wait until the weekend." "I can't wait until this project is over." "I can't wait until we move." etc. etc.

I don't want to live like that. If I do, I will forever be waiting for the next thing. Never fully experiencing the now. I want to savor each moment and make a choice to enjoy each day, whatever it may bring. It is a choice you know. How we choose to look at and live each day. It's a choice we make, moment by moment. I want to choose gratitude, joy, satisfaction, contentment, happiness each moment over selfishness, complaints, disatisfaction, wants and negativity.

And so, I look to the Lord, for His Truth, His Words, His Strength. And I also am taking a few cues from this woman. I LOVE her blog. Such beautifully written insights that always ground me in Truth. If you are married, PLEASE read THIS and THIS. I'm starting a gratitude journal at the bottom of my blog. I started with getting back on track with healthy eating and exercise at the beginning of the year. But I'm committing to continue to tend to my own vinyard, physically and spiritually. Because I'll never do it if I wait until that "next thing" is over.