Jan 7, 2009

House Guests

Now don't get me wrong. Jason and I love to entertain the occasional visitor. But we all know that there are some that just grate on your nerves. Our most recent guests are that kind! Let me just vent for a moment...these guys showed up unannounced, then they brought friends with them, they have been here for day, they are completely overstaying their welcome, they are taking over like every room in the house, and they don't even bat an eye when I yell things at them like. "Uggg! I hate you!" or "You suck so much! Get out!" or "I don't ever want to see you again!"Yup, you guessed it. We've got ants in our house! They showed up 3 or 4 days ago. I saw one in my bathroom, then another. Then there was one in the living room, then the kitchen, then the guest room. I'm deathly afraid of spiders and every time I see one of these black specs on the wall, or floor, or shower my instinct says it a spider and I jump out of my skin for a second having a mini heart attack. They're just yucky! We put out ant traps, the kind where they eat the food and bring it back to their little colony and so they all get poisoned and die! I hope it works soon! Anyone out there have any luck getting rid of ants?

PS: To answer your questions. Yup I did take those photos of Ella. Photography has been one of my loves since I learned how to use my first 35mm SLR at Windover adventure camp. I took them where I had Jason take my belly pics. In Ella's room which gets the best natural light. I put a boppy pillow on a chair and covered it with the darkest blanket I have to create good contrast (a brown one on that you gave me steph) and took like ten thousand shots because thats what you have to do to get a few good ones of a babe! Thanks for the comments!


Amy said...

Yikes. I didn't even know you could get ants in the winter.
Yuck. O.

Amy said...

You're right, anything is possible-like owning a cannon (I bet you could get away with that) or bilding your house into the shape of Noah's Ark (or maybe that house was in Dexter, not Etna).
Either way, ignore the ants and learn the appreciate all of the options you have out there!

If it makes you feel any better, we had wicked ants this summer. All over the bathroom. We bought those little plaztic traps and put them every two inches and it worked.

I hate ants.