Jan 24, 2009

First Date!

Okay, so it wasn't our first date but it sure felt like it! It was our first date since Miss Ella entered our world. My mom babysat her and Jason and I went out. I must admit I'm proud of our frugality. We ate at home, and went to McDonalds to snag two of their free lattes and 2 apple pies for dessert. We bought candy at the dollar store and then went over to the cheap seat movies and watched Seven Pounds. GOOOD movie!

It was so nice to snuggle up to Jason for an uninterrupted two hours! On our drive home we got into a wonderful discussion about the movie and then about our favorite actors and what qualities make a good actor or movie. It was great to have grown up conversations that had nothing to do with babies!

And while all of it WAS wonderful, I definitely had my new mommy anxieties. I typed up a whole instruction page for my mom (like she doesn't know how to care for a baby!). I had my cellphone glued to my side on vibrate. I worried if Ella would be confused or scared or fussy. And in my most extreme bout of anxiety I had horrible thoughts of "What if Jason and I got into a car accident and both died and our little baby was left all alone!?" Am I crazy or have other new mommies experienced these same kind of fears/thoughts when leaving your little one for the first time?

Anyhoo, I worked through it, enjoyed our evening out and of course Ella did just fine! She took the bottle great, did fuss a bit (but that's her norm in the evening and mom said the bouncing I told her about worked like a charm) and was sound asleep in my mom's arms when we got home!


Angie Cousins said...

Good for you guys getting out by yourselves!
And yes, whenever Joe and I travel alone together somewhere I always worry a little bit in the back of my head that something could happen to both of us! You're not alone!

Brad and Rebecca said...

totally normal....or BOTH you and I are weirdo's because last month when Brad and I went out for our anniversary- I hand wrote a paper saying in case of our death Addison was to go to so and so...yeah...my husband thought I was pretty funny....SOMEONE has to think of these things!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think we got a will? (so we would know who would care for our kids) And guess what...I still think things like that and my baby is 15 in a couple days (but those thoughts don't come nearly as often as when the kids were little)! It must be a mom-thing!

Debby B.

Sarah said...

Yeah, we got a will done by a lawyer the week before she was born. I didn't feel ready for her to come into the world until we had it!