Jan 12, 2009

I'm HOT!

Literally people, not figuratively. I am literally roasting! At night that is. I've shared this fun tid bit with a few friends and apparantly it is more than normal but it really stinks! Literally...it stinks.

I'm talking about night sweats. From what I've read it happens because of the drop in estrogen after giving birth and also because your body is eliminating fluid. Some people have it, others don't. It can last a few days and the longest I've heard of it lasting is 2 months.

Well, I'm goin on 5 weeks people! And I'm going to vent a little and give you more details about my night sweats than you probably ever wanted to hear! It's super fun to wake up dripping in sweat and sit in your own filth whilst your baby nurses for what seems like forever! It's even more fun to wipe yourself down a few times a night only to get back in bed and try to get your already sleep deprived self back to sleep snuggled up in some frikin' freezing, sopping wet sheets. Oh! Oh! You know what's even better!? Is when you wake up each morning to an aweful stench only to realize it's YOU!... covered in dried sweat and breast milk and reeking of B.O.! Oh sure, you can shower it away, but unless you want to wash your sheets EVERY day, that bed is still gonna stink so much your husband won't even cross the center line! Some days I truly wonder if I'll ever feel attractive again!

Needless to say I make showering an absolute priority each morning and hop in as soon as Ella's finished with her morning feeding. I learned a good trick of putting down layers of towels on the bed and stripping them off layer by layer in the night as they become wet. And let me tell ya Fabreeze will buy you a lot time in the sheet changing department and help keep your husband a little closer too :)


Life With My Boys..... said...

I hear ya! So funny to read you write about it. :0) Maybe it won't happen for #2?! So nice to see you yesterday and to actually hang out a little bit! Your baby is deliciously yummy!

Beautiful picture and new layout, by the way!

Cheryl said...

Oooh, you've been fiddling with your blog again. I like it! It's very beautiful.

Sorry I have no helpful advice about the night sweats. I didn't encounter that until menopause. :-) The layers of towels are a good trick. Glad you could find the humor in it. You made me laugh.

Tara Ray said...

B.O. Like an italian sandwich? Hmm, if I woke up to that smell, I think I'd be hungry...