Jan 24, 2009

Queen for a Day!

That's what I felt like! Not only did we have a wonderful evening last night, but this morning Jason got some great one on one daddy time while he sent me away. Where did I go? To be pampered! Jason's Christmas present to me this year was a gift certificate to a Salon and Day Spa as he figured I would be in need of some pampering after having Ella.

It was AMAZING! The place was great, very nice decor and atmosphere. And the people were super friendly! I had a fabulous massage. The massage table was heated, the lights were dim, the music was relaxing, the smells were great, the massage was perfect and I got a chocolate at the end! And I had a pedicure which I've never had before. I wasn't sure if I'd like it but it was great! I loved the vibrating tub of hot water, the exfoliating scrub and the foot massage! I don't care if it's sandal weather or not, I know my feet are pretty! I feel relaxed and refreshed and very lucky and loved!

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Cheryl said...

That was a sweet and thoughtful present! Sounds like a very relaxing time.