Jan 14, 2009

Ella's First Bottle

I'm trying to balance my blog by not having it ALL about Ella. Trust me it's hard. But I think it's high time for another little baby update.

At 4 weeks old we started introducing the bottle because, ya know, we want her to be able to eat when I go back to work. Thanks to everyone out there for all the good advice...Amy L. - don't wait too long to introduce it or they might not take it. Esther - give it to them consistently once you start. Our Doc - pick one feeding and give it at that feeding so she knows what to expect and gets used to it. Evelyn - told me what nipple is best to help her keep a good latch and told me to have others give the bottle so she associates me with just breast feeding. All excellent advice.Introducing the bottle was strangely hard for me. I think because #1.) I'm a control freak and I worry about her. #2.) I was afraid it would mess up her breast feeding. #3) I just miss that time and connection with her and last but certainly not least #4)It reminds me I will be going back to work.

But it also felt very good because it gives me some freedom. She feeds every 2-3 hours and by the time I get done feeding, burping and changing her I only have like an hour and 15 minutes until the next feeding if she goes the shorter 2 hour route. So this way I can get out and have some alone time, or go grocery shopping like I did the other night when J got home, or Jason and I can go out! So that's the great part.

Anyhoo, she's been taking the bottle with no problems at all. We give it to her every other day and she's taken it beautifully from Jason and from my mom.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for not mentioning my little mishap the other night! :-)