Jan 1, 2009

Cable or Satalite TV users need not read this one.

Okay, those of us that still use the old rabbit ears and get channels 2,5,7 and 12 (....sometimes....very fuzzily). Are you SICK of all the commercials, news announcements and scrolling texts every 2 seconds reminding us that Digital TV is coming Feb 17th and our antennas won't work anymore without a converter box? Well I am!

I'm not sure why we waited so long to get this converter box. I didn't know how much they cost and I think I was scared that it wouldn't work out here in the sticks and I would be faced with the reality that I'd have to kiss even my fuzzy basic channels good-bye.

Let me tell you people....NOT THE CASE! I finally went online and got my coupon for my converter box. With the coupon it only costs $10 and HOT DIGITY...IT'S AWESOME!

Yes people, I'll admit it. I like TV. And as I've mentioned before, the reason that we do not have cable is because I can't do moderation and I would surely end up losing my job and alienating all friends because my butt would become permanantly glued to the couch watching TLC, HGTV and few other choice channels with stupid reality shows.

We now get ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, MPBN, FOX AND some all weather all the time station clear as a bell! I will now be able to watch America's Next Top Model and HOUSE! And it FEELS like we have cable because there's a menu and stuff, and you can press these buttons that tell you what show is on next and gives you a description of it!

So the moral of the story is, if you have rabbit ears and havn't gotten your coupon and converter box yet...GIDDIUP and git to it!

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Cheryl said...

I was NOT looking forward to the transition. But after seeing your great reception and new channels, I can't wait to get mine. Will you please send over your hubby to hook it up when it arrives? :-)