Jan 22, 2009

Proud Parenting Moments

This morning Ella had just finished nursing. She was laying in my arms and we were exchanging smiles and coos back and forth. It was one of those picture perfect moments. And then, my precious daughter had another first. She started sucking on her finger as she has for quite some time. But then she took her finger out of her mouth and stuck it right up her nostril. After she had completed that new task she shoved it right back in her mouth. Yup, that's right. My daughter can pick her nose and eat it! Wish I had a picture of that one!

But I did get a picture of this. During tummy time, she pushed herself up farther than she has before and held her head up quite high for quite a long time. I have nothing to compare this to, but I think she's pretty strong for 7 weeks old!

This toy is like my favorite. My friend Jess gave it to her. It's a giraffe that plays sweet music and it's head slowly moves side to side. Ella's never really taken notice of it before today but today she was clearly like, "Oh, hey there giraffe! You're cool! What's up?"


Amy said...

she is so stinkin' adorable. I've got to hike it up to see her (and you) one of these days!!!!

Life With My Boys..... said...

Oh. my. word. sooooo cute!

Cheryl said...

Cute, cute, cute!

meaningfulalbums said...

Very cute! I love the pics. She IS very strong and sweet as well.