Jan 31, 2009

Life Sweet Life

Despite the wretched start with a trip to the dentist, this has been a really good week.

~Our lovely Ella had gotten into a wonderful night time sleep pattern of nursing at 10pm, 3am, and 7am. Calculate that people. That means only ONE middle of the night feeding and two good chunks of sleep (one 5 hours, one 4 hours).

~But this week she didn't even wake up for the 3am feeding! That's right. Our little seven week old attempted to sleep straight through the night! I didn't let her because #1) "they" say not to do that before 8weeks of age, and #2) for the sake of my chest! I had THE most difficult time waking her at 4am (the 6 hour mark). And from that night on she's been sleeping a 6 hour chunk and a 4 hour chunk!

~Helped set up for Alpha at church.

~Planned out our meals for the next two weeks. Went grocery shopping and spent UNDER $100 for all that food!

~Played with the pooch outside on a warm, sunny winter day.

~Created a new way to carry my babe for super cheap because I used a 40% off coupon at JoAnns. I'll post more about that new way later!

~Jess had us over for a girl's breakfast this morning and we made zip lock omelets (A new fave). Jason watched Ella. Had a wonderful morning with wonderful friends. Thanks Jess!

~Got home, snuggled the babe, kissed the babe, snuggled the babe etc. etc. Gave her a bath. Love bath time.

~Now she's sleeping soundly and I'll go snuggle Jason :)

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Esther said...

Awesome Sarah! Sounds like Ella is doing great. I love when Kirsten sleeps those long chunks - it's heavenly. But I hear ya on not wanting to go through the whole night yet - yikes! Anyway, it was great to chat today and THANKS for the wrap. I am excited to use it all the time. Woohoo!