Jul 29, 2008

The Sound of Crickets

First of all thank-you everyone for your bottle advice! I'm sticking with the playtex nursers for now and we'll hope the little one likes 'em!

We drove out to the land yesterday night to take some measurements for the building permit. It was about 8:30pm by the time we got there. I cannot tell you how peaceful it was out there. The only thing you could hear were the crickets chirping in the field. Not a single car drove by, the stars were blazing bright and it smelled so sweet of the hay and wildflowers in the field. I can't wait until we get settled out there. I grew up on 107 acres and I'd forgotten how much I loved living in the country (of course the road I grew up on was much busier than the one I have to look forward to.) And Jason said that ever since he can remember he's always wanted to live somewhere very rural where you can't even see your neighbors.

He can't wait to tend a vegetable garden! I'll do the flowers and he'll do the veggies. We sat over lunch the other day and a dreamed and made plans for all that we'll grow and what we'll can and how we'll teach our kids to do the same growing up. Yes, this will be good!

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Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you're looking forward now to living in the country. It is a very nice road to live on -- quiet enough for walks and bike rides. Happy garden dreaming to you both!