Jul 26, 2008

Done Deal....Finally

After an unwarranted racket, and much waiting and wondering the deal is going through. We agreed to escrow them the money to get the work done from the people who gave the cheaper estimate (and actually knew what they were doing too.)

The good news and the bad news:
The bad news first. I'm really not happy about what we decided. I have this begrudging pit in my stomach from conceding to pay for work that I think is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. I'm trying to work on that. I also am worried because we really did not have a lot of wiggle room in our price. We priced it right because it is a bad market but we've only owned the house for 2 1/2 years. it's not like we're making much profit here,certainly not getting back all that we've put in over those years. We're just selling because we have to move for Jason's job. So this extra money that we're giving them from the profit to go towards bogus bum work is money that we really needed in order to afford our next move and our new little babe on the way. So yeah. Not happy.

But the good news is that things are solidified now. No more wondering if the deal will go through or not. And we thought about saying no or just offering them half, but to be honest we just conceded out of fear. Fear that we they would back out and we would then have to wait for another buyer, maybe not get as good of a price and maybe not move until way later which would be seriously bad for my stress level, and this little child. So now we know. We can move forward with our timetable and can be settled a few months before this little one arrives and have time to spend as a couple, savor the pregnancy and prepare for this big life transition. I guess when I think about all of that, those are really the more important things as far as our child, my health and our relationship go. I'm still just having some trouble with bitterness over the whole thing. So you can pray for that!

Also, we've found a place to stay while we're "in limbo". A friend of Jason's family owns a camp (a.k.a. extremely nice little gambrel house) right on China Lake. He told us we could stay there as long as we like if we paint the kitchen. Umm, heck yeah! We're like professional painters at this point! We'll have that done in no time. I'm gonna clean the place all up for him real nice too!

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