Jul 17, 2008


Perhaps we will have a place to put that beauty of a mobile home. Our offer on a 3 acre piece of land (with a well and driveway already in) in Etna go accepted today. We put money down and sign a contract on it on Monday.

The good news of that is, the guy said as soon as we put the money down and sign the contract we can do whatever we want to it. And our contractor is willing to work before he gets paid. Sooo, he can put in the septic and make us a yard and get it ready for trailer hook up!

The only lag time will be when we close waiting for our next loan to disperse so we can close on our land and trailer and then the trailer can be moved and put into place. But that should all be able to happen by end of August. Which puts me painting and unpacking in September and gives me two months to spare before baby comes. Pray that all goes well and every deal goes through!

Jason's gonna take pics of the land and the view tomorrow so I'll put up pics when I can!


Jessica said...

Congrats Sarah! So glad that things are falling into place!

meaningfulalbums said...

Praise God! I am glad you found land and that things are moving along.