Mar 2, 2011

A Word

I was having a hard time sleeping last night. Hunter flips out when he hears a leaf drop which isn't helping my nerves...but at least he's a good watch dog! And every creak, groan and tap in this big house is amplified ten fold when it's empty. You know how it is.

So there I was laying in bed praying, asking God for "peace, to keep us safe, and to allow me to get a good night's sleep to be prepared for the next long day." I felt so strongly prompted to read the Word and instead of picking up where my bookmark was, I decided to start in the psalms. Each one was water for my thirsty soul and just what I needed. I read the first 4 psalms and this is the last verse of psalm 4:

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for you alone ,Oh Lord, make me to dwell in safety." ~Psalm 4:8
Coincidence? Most certainly not!


Life With My Boys..... said...

Oh Sarah! You are doing such a great job! And knowing you - you WILL not only survive this time alone, you will THRIVE!!! Praying for you and thinking of you during these weeks!

anxiousknitter said...

Praying peace and good nights' sleep for you, Sarah :)