Mar 19, 2011

T-shirts and Snowsuits

We picked up a stroller last night and now Ella and I have a little wider territory! Today we walked across the street to a beautiful park with sprawling green grass, winding bike/walking paths, playgrounds and wide open beaches. We sure are ducks outta water here and the contrast strikes me SO funny! Ella and I were dressed in t-shirts and rolled up pants sans shoes. A California native mommy and her two young ones donned socks, shoes, pants, and puffy vests over sweaters! And I absolutely kid you not...a girl wearting snowpants and a winter jacket passed Ella on the way up the playground ladder! I'm sure the look on my face betrayed me as I stifled an outburst of laughter. Ella and I slathered on the sunscreen, felt the sand between our toes and splashed in the ocean water that is already warmer than it ever gets in Maine, even mid summer. We dug in the sand, and carried buckets upon buckets of water to fill her little "pond". Of the hadful of other families that actually ventured out in the fridgid 65 degree weather, NONE of them let their kids go in the water! The parents didn't even go on the sand and when the children would venture within 5 feet of the waters edge, much yelling ensued, "Don't go in that water, it's too cold! Get back up here!" SO funny to me! We're having a blast. Yesterday we rotated through the following activites...all on hotel grounds. See seals play, feed the ducks in the gardengo in the pool, go on the beach, chase the "bagels" (read: seagulls), watch the pelicans dive for fish (so cool!), jump on bed, push buttons on the "alligator" (read: elevator). And mommy fully enjoyed laying out on the balcony to sunbathe (watching the people walk by below dressed in long pants and long sleeve shirts :) while Ella napped! Sure Ella woke at 4:30am (that's 7:30 her time) saying "I all done sleepin'." But she laid in bed quietly for another hour when we told her it was still sleepy time. And then PBS had Elmo on which was my saving grace! And this morning she went back to sleep until 8:30am Pacific time! Oh praise the Lord! Sure some drunk spring breakers woke us up at 2:30am the first night. But that's nothing that turning the fan on in the room and letting Ella walk her yappy playschool puppy toy back and forth in front of their door at 6am couldn't cure. (yeah, didn't so much take the high road on that one did I? :) Yes Daddy has to work 6 days a week, leaves at 5:30am and gets home at 4pm, but we are so thankful for the time we do have with him. He's aghast at the changes that have occured in Ella in just three weeks. And snuggling on the balcony after Ella's gone to sleep is exactly what the doctor ordered for this lady! All in all we are having a glorious time!


Diane said...

So good to hear from you and happy that you are having such a good time. Hunter is doing fine. Taking lots of walks with Ranger! Enjoy!!

anxiousknitter said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Sounds like you are having a blast :) Funny how people who aren't acclimated to colder weather react, isn't it? We noticed the same thing last year in FL! It was hilarious to see a news reporter decked out in bright pink snowpants and furry parka when it was 45 and there we were in sweatshirts! Enjoy that snuggle time with hubby!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the funny things Ella says - chasing the bagels and pushing the buttons in the alligator!:-) Hey, beautiful full moon tonight. Great for snuggling under. Love you guys!