Mar 7, 2011

There's just nothin' like it.

There's just nothin' like being startled out of your slumber by a banging at the outside door that's 10 feet away from your bed and seconds later having the motion sensor light out front go off. It's a real joy.

To say I was flippin' freaked out is the understatement of the century. I crept out of bed and peered out of numerous windows assessing the situation and saw nothing. Good thing J is 3 hours behind me because it wasn't too late to call him. I did. And then I tried to go back to sleep, telling myself it was a critter or the wind or both. I turned on white noise, put the blankets over my ears and pray, pray, prayed.

Last I looked at the clock it said 2:30am. Which means I was running on around 4 hours of sleep today. And today was the day that Ella decided to color on the wall, get into the cluttered closet and climb onto the table all within 10 seconds of each other.

And the was just in the morning. To say today has tried my very last thread of patience and nerves is the second biggest understatement of the century. I plan on turning in ridiculously early. Here's praying for a MUCH better night's sleep and a MUCH better day tomorrow!

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