Mar 22, 2011

San Diego Rain

I'm learning quickly that things are very different here. Yesterday there was a forcast of 70% chance of rain until 5pm. In Maine that means, batten down the hatches and bust out the raincoat, gollashes and umbrella if you wish to venture out. So I mentally prepared myself for a day in a hotel room with a two year old. But here in San Diego, that forcast apparantly means occasional showers, clearing to full sun in between that dries up the ground in 2.2 seconds. So we watched cartoons and hooked up our webcam and learned how to skype with the Michigan fam during the TWO showers, and busted out of the room to enjoy the plagrounds, beaches, ducks and seals each time the sun broke out. We saw a wild seal just 10 feet off the beach as we were walking. It swam right along with us playfully. So cute. We watched the sailboats and Ella waved to them. She loved dipping her toes in the water and running away squeeling! She likes to lay out on the chair. I think she could get used to this life :) She adores the ducks and wants to play with them. Unfortunately they don't want to play so much when she goes running after them or makes many large, loud, sudden noises and gestures!Jason got home early and I started my spring 5k training on the gorgeous miles of sidewalks that make their way around the entire mission bay right at the sands edge. I finsihed my run with a barefoot walk on the beach, listening to my worship music. So perfect. I think I'd run a lot more here :) I did some research last night and this morning we hoofed it a bit to try out a local coffee shop. It turned out to be only like 1/2 mile walk on those same glorious beach side walkways and the place was awesome. Great surfer vibe. Very local. Friendly. And great coffee. I met a lovely lady, who is a nanny, at the park and we had the nicest conversations I've had with a local since we've been here. I got a little color on this super white bod whilst Ella napped. We took a dip in the pool and voila...J's home early again. I could really get used to this! And tonight, a BBQ where I'll actually get to meet people he works with (GASP)! Should be fun!

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Cheryl said...

What a wonderful day! I'm glad to hear that the rain isn't spoiling your time in SD. We all LOVED the Skype call, and Grandma even commented about it again today! Hope you had fun at the BBQ.