Mar 10, 2011

San Diego Bound

Well it's official. Because of my generous mama...Ella and I will be San Diego bound in exactly one week. THANK-YOU MAMA! I do believe it is this news alone that is helping me through week #2!

I am thriving most of my days. Just surviving some of them. But all those notions of working out and scrapbooking and being uber productive after the little one is in bed...all those thoughts of ALL that free time I'd have when the wee one's asleep...WOWSERS was that pie in the sky thinking!

After she hits the sack, it's all I can do to tidy-up and make sure everything is in order so that the next day starts off right and not with me already behind. After that. I'm DONE-ZO. SO done-zo. It's jammies, reading a bit to help lull me to sleep and then I'm snoozing. However, it's not the most restful sleep. I find myself waking multiple times a night and feeling only half rested in the morning. Joy.

And this my friends is why I am EXTATIC to be going to visit my love. I actually don't even care that it's sunny or sandy or anything. I care that I'll be seeing my hubby whom I miss terribly. I care that my little girl will see her daddy who she asks for daily which breaks my heart. And I care that for 9 days I'll have at least perhaps a little break here and there in the day!

Even though we don't leave fora week, please start praying now for safe travels and that Ella would do well on her first flight (and why not start out with a doozie of a cross country 7 1/2 hour total flying time one!?)

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anxiousknitter said...

Oh, Sarah! I'm so happy you have this opportunity! It's so exciting and I admit very nerve wracking to travel with a child. I'm sure Ella will be just fine - we brought snacks and wild man's Leapster when we traveled to FL and he was good as gold. You are in my prayers not only for safe travel but also for getting much needed RESTFUL sleep!