Mar 20, 2011

A Family Sunday

Of course the the first of only two days that J will have off the whole time we're here turned out cloudy and windy with 70% chance of rain. So we scrapped the zoo trip we were planning on and went for the indoor science museum. It was a hit!She really like to "check my e-mail". It wasn't rainy so we explored a tiny bit of Balboa park and went for a ride on the carousel. At this age everything revolves around food and nap, so there's really no full day anything. With not much else to do while Ella sleeps in the room, we decided to nap too. She slept from 130-430 and we got in some good shut eye too on this yucky weather day. In the evening we headed over to the resorts paddle wheel boat for a complimentary kids cruise around the bay. The ship was docked due to the wind, but we still got on and enjoyed some live kids music and dancing. This is Ella's preffered method of Limbo-ing! :)Tomorrow's supposed to be downpour rain and this momma is trying to figure out how I'll fill the day in one hotel room! I do think we'll have to try to get skype up and running! Here's hoping that next Sunday (J's only other day off and our last day here) will cooperate weather wise so we'll get to experience the zoo together. It's forcasted to rain now...but that's a week away and your prayers are coveted! But any way you cut it, it sure is nice to be here with Daddy!

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