Mar 27, 2011

San Diego Zoo

In backwards order, here is our trip to the zoo in photos. There were many more animals and many more pictures, I just picked my faves! San Diego Zoo. A-MA-ZING. Ella LOVED it! She wasn't scared at all of any of the animals. She was a peach and did so well even though we didn't leave the zoo until 2:30pm (Normal nap time is 12:30 or 1pm). I got a lot of great photos! Ella picked an adorable stuffed monkey to take home with her. It's arms velcro around to hug her and it has a baby that velcros around to hug it. We also picked up a great children's book about a panda bear and a polar bear (two of her favorites and ones that she often gets confused with each other :) She took a quick snooze in the car and now she's in full blown "over-tired mode" getting one last dip of her toes in the ocean with her Daddy. Early to bed and early to rise for a 6:30am flight tomorrow. Sad to leave but a great finale and Daddy will be home a week after we return so it won't be long now until some normalcy returns to our life!


Cheryl said...

Safe travels! So glad the zoo was a hit! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I bet she LOVED it! We took KJ to Sea World but she was really a bit young to totally enjoy it.