Mar 15, 2011


Travel can be expensive. 7 1/2 hour flying time travel with a toddler can be ridunkulously expensive.
We have been so blessed! Everything has been covered or borrowed from our fantastic friends and family!
airfare - check
suitcase - check
point and shoot camera - check
travel dvd player - check
spending money - check
housesitters - check
I cannot say THANK-YOU enough!
Pray for our travels. Ella go sick on Sunday and had a mild ear infection by Monday. It's so painful for children to descend with an ear infection that docs recommend rescheduling. But we got some meds (although I DESPISE antibiotics) and thankfully her fever is already gone and she's improving quickly. But pray that she will be 100% better to deal with the flights!
I have made a list and checked it 10,000 times. I have enough snacks and goodies and games and toys and books and stickers and movies and paper and crayons to entertain an entire preschool class! But I also have a daughter that does not enjoy change or loud noises. She is shy and she's two. So strap her into a seat for 7 1/2 hours total surrounded by strangers in a contraption she's never been in with loud noises do the math. We're gonna need a miracle or this mama's gonna need a WHOLE lotta love and might the passengers around us! I've got her totally excited and pumped up about the idea. But we all know that the idea can be far from the reality! So we'll see!
Pray I find my way to my sister-in-laws in Boston. Pray we get to the airport on time. Pray we make our 40 minute connection. Pray for safety!
All that being said. We are SO excited to go see daddy! Sure he's only got one day off a week. But we'll build sancastles and play on the playgrounds in the mornings and see him in the evenings. We may just take a trek to the zoo on his day off!


Amy said...

Good luck Sarah and Ella! Never underestimate the power of knocking a kid out with a little benadryl on an airplane!!!!

Sarah said...

too bad benadryl is for 4 years and older :(

Cheryl said...

Oh, good. I am glad to hear that Ella is doing better. And I was going to suggest the zoo and Sea World. I am praying for you and Ella. Have a wonderful time out there! Love you :-)

Amy said...

Oh it is??? Dang. It works like such a charm! (I know...that's terrible of me)

Diane said...

Sarah, you have so much love and a mountain of patience with Ella! We are so praying for you both!!