Mar 25, 2011

Sunset Cliffs Boulevard & the Ocean Beach Pier

We had another glorious beach day yesterday. We browsed a shop or two and I introduced Ella to Dippin' Dots. She often asks to ride the "alligator" (read: elevator) and it cracks me up everytime! Last night when Jason got home, we took a drive down Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and it was gorgeous! Picture the roads along the coast in Acadia except even closer to the cliffs, no trees separating you and the cliffs are a beautiful, rick, red sandstone that look much less sturdy than the granite of Maine. Below, the crashing waves carve away deep caves at the water's edge. I have to say that if I owned one of the million dollar homes sitting but 20 ft. from the cliff's edge...I'd not be too certain about the ground on which my investment is perched!!! Then we walked out the LONG and high Ocean Beach pier. We watched a myriad of surfers, Ella ran and hopped to her little heart's content, then we ate a good ol' fried seafood dinner in the Ocean Beach Pier Cafe (which is literally ON the end of the pier), watching the swells roll beneath us. As the sun was setting we headed home. It was by far my favorite evening yet!

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