Mar 26, 2011

Seals and Folliculitis

Yesterday morning we went and saw the seals being fed right here at the hotel. Ella loved it. T'was a bit rainy so most of the rest of the morning was spent inside. But the sun came out later and Daddy took her swimming in the pool when he got home. She'd spend every minute there even if she had her druthers...even if she froze to death doing it! Then we all packed in for little drive to seal beach in La Jolla where the momma seals birth their pups. The beach was just COVERED with mama seals basking in the sun along side their pups. Ella made the observation that "they're stinky!" and she was right! I'm not sure if it was fish or poo or what but when the wind blew just right it was pungent! We got quite close and Ella loved it. We also saw a VERY preggo mama and hoped we'd get to see her give birth...but no dice. Then we hit a local cafe for dinner and had a little frozen yogurt to top off the night. T'was quite a late bedtime for Ella but luckily our little one gets loopy and goofy when she's overtired...not grumpy. Granted, she doesn't listen quite as well in the overtired state but man oh man does she make us laugh! (She hops everywhere and narrates it, "hop,hop,hop,hop...". She sings made up songs that are a mix of all the ones she knows. She tells stories. And she laughs and laughs and giggles and giggles. She talks in funny voices and also gets extra ticklish and loves to tickle us!) If sleep weren't so important for these wee ones, I'd keep her up late much more just for the entertainment!

And today our little lady warranted a trip to the walk-in care for a serious case of the itchies. She's got tiny little raised bumps on her skin, most of them aren't red...just raised. She first started itching on the nape of her neck and back of her head and that is still where she is the itchiest but now they're all over. She says, "I itchy!" and scratches until the skin is raw :(. I was hoping it was just a reaction to any number of the new things her skin has come into contact with this week....(sunscreen, hotel linnens, laundry detergent, pool, sand, seawater). And I was wishing against the worst case scenario in my brain (bed bugs, scabies, something from bird poo in the water) . The doc seems to think it's folliculitis (staff infection of the hair follicles on the body) and prescribed antihistamine and antibiotics. I'm definitely more worried about giving her another round of antibiotics in less than two weeks than I am anything else, but I dont' want an uncomfortable little girl on a 7 1/2 hour plane ride home. Ughhh!


Cheryl said...

The mama and baby seal beach experience sounds awesome! And you thought of everything I was going to suggest regarding what might have caused Ella's bumps. I was mostly thinking hotel sheets or bedbugs. I hope you all had a great day at the zoo today and safe travels home to Maine tomorrow. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Actually, this just happened to both my younger daughters at a pool party at a top hotel chain. Specifically the doctor pin pointed the hot tub as to the cause. Hotel showed me records of upkeep & even brought in their pool company for testing, all came back fine amd now they are denying it. Interesting though, there were 22 girls total, only 15 (those who also entered the hot tub) got the horrible rash. Those who only stayed in the pool didn't receive the rash. Doctor wants us to call the health department due to so many girls being infected & the hotel not taking responsibility.