Jun 28, 2009

Yardsales, visitors and rolling over!

Had our yardsale yesterday. It was HOT and sunny. Most of the traffic was in the AM so I called it quits at 1pm and took the rest to Good Will. Finally! My dinning room is clutter free! Made just enough money to go buy the under the bed storage containers on wheels that now house our shoes and extra linens. YAY! Boxes in corner of bedroom are gone!

After that I decided to spruce up all the little flower gardens that border our side of the house. Felt so good to get my hands in the dirt! Lots of weeding, some transplanting, some hedge trimming. Looks great and can’t wait till we can buy a few bags of mulch to top it off! Slowing starting to feel like home inside and outside now.

First house guests came in the evening! Tara and Jess. Yay! Missin’ the girls! They apparantly are magic because this morning as we were all sitting around watching her play I wanted to demonstrate to them how she does NOT roll over although I've been trying to teach her to all week long. Well. She made a liar out me! Every time I put her on her tummy she rolled over on her own. 6 times in the span of 20 minutes! Yay Ella!

Other updates on the babe:

We recently discovered that she LOVES drinking from my camel back water bottle!

She also loves eating. She really likes to hold the spoon and eat off of it herself. So far she eats rice cereal, avocado, sweet potato and peas. She seems to like the sweet potato and peas the best out of that bunch. Fruit will come soon and I’m sure she’ll go nuts over that!

She LOVES being outside. She still adores the jumparoo. She now plays well in an exersaucer. She still loves to lay on the floor and play with toys. She tolerates tummy time for a little longer these days and does do some mini push ups…but only when she gets aggravated!

And here's the rolling over in action!

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Cheryl said...

Hurray Ella!!! Way to go, baby girl. :-)