Jun 28, 2009

Saturday 6/20/09 Martha Stuart Watch Out!

SATURDAY 6/20/09: Oh man guys! I can’t even stand myself right now! I’m so stinkin’ crafty I make myself a little nauseous with Martha Stuart-eskness!

We have way more windows in this place than I have curtains for. Sooo, I create! Because I can’t paint little swirlies on the wall between her butterflies and dragonflies I used ribbon!
What was once one long valence for Ella’s room, is now two for her two smaller windows.What was once two shower curtains is now four window panels for our two dining room windows.
And what was once an old pair of tab top panels has now been transformed into two tie up curtains and one valence for the kitchen windows! And all done with a great used sewing machine that a friend from church gave me for free! You can’t beat that with a stick. I am SO in my element right now. This is Sarah’s happy place!

Jason is…take a wild guess….fishing! He’s exploring a local river. He hasn’t been fishing in 4 days. The man is having major withdrawls! He needs to figure out where all the good fishy spots are in our new neck of the woods so he can uphold his status as fishing guru exdrodinaire!

Hit a wall working on only 6 hours of sleep, but pushed through. And for all intents and purposes… I can say we’re done! YAHOOO!

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Cheryl said...

You are SOOO crafty! I love how you transformed those curtains for the kitchen, and the great idea of using ribbon instead of paint for the swirly lines between butterflies and dragonflies in Ella's room. Brilliant!