Jun 28, 2009


It’s Tuesday, tomorrow we will have been here one week. It was a stressful morning. Went to a women’s Bible study. Ella couldn’t nap, she was fussy, there were tons of people there, it was hot and kind of chaotic. By the time I left we were both absolutely wiped. Ella zonked in 2.2 and introvert me felt like I’d had my fill of people for the next year!

Got some serious pangs of “homesickeness”. Started to think…will I ever fit in down here? Will I ever find my niche? Will I ever find women with whom I can have close, real relationships? Will I ever feel like this is home? I’m missing my ladies!!! Prayed a lot. Talked to Jason when he got home. Let a few tears roll. Reminded myself of all of the reasons we’re doing this.

Even though I felt like hibernating, went out with all the women again to a “girls night out” at the movies. We saw “The Proposal”. It was pee-your pants funny! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Good medicine! The evening was more low key than the morning, had good conversations. Really glad I went.

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