Jun 6, 2009

A Boating We Shall Go

We decided to take Ella for her first boat ride! Earlier this week we scooted over to a pond that's 5 minutes from our house and tried out a friends motor on the back of our square stern canoe.

We slipped Ella into her hot pink super safe life vest, courtesy of my momma (thanks mom!), and puttered around. The verdict? Either she loved it or was just too tired to care.When we first put her in the life vest it was HILARIOUS. One of those had to be there things. But it was essentially like putting her in one of those sumo wrestling suits. She was all cinched in there with arms and legs just dangling out uselessly. She looks a ridiculous amount like my baby pictures in this shot of her!She just went with the flow and chilled...this is what she did the whole time:

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Cheryl said...

Awww, she looks so cute in her little pink bobber suit! (That's what we used to call them back in the old days up on Pine Island.) Glad to see that she "enjoyed" her outing on the water. Well, at least she didn't cry. :-)