Jun 14, 2009


The Definition of Insanity: Living in my house right now.

A conversation Jason and I JUST had:
JASON: Sarah, where is my trimmer. Did you pack it?
ME: What trimmer?
JASON: My beard trimmer!
ME: Which one!? You have like three! Whatever, I retract that question. The answer is no. I didn't pack it. It doesn't matter which one your talking about. I didn't pack ANY of them!
JASON: Then where is it?
ME: I don't know! It wasn't my day to watch it.
JASON: (totally under his breath) You moved it. I know you did.
ME: Oh yes. Yes you're right! I forgot. I wanted to trim my beard yesterday! I SO did NOT move it!
JASON: Well it's not where I put it last. (clanking, rummaging, rummaging, clanking...silence.)
ME: Well?
JASON: I found it.
ME: MmmmmHmmmmm.
JASON: But it wasn't where I last put it and I still think you moved it.
ME: Oh man. If you blame me for one more thing that you can't find I'm gonna....I don't know what I'm gonna do....but it won't be good. I NEVER TOUCHED IT!
JASON: Well fine. If I'm wrong I'm sorry. I'm just sick of living here. I can't take it any more!
ME: I feel your pain!

It's a good thing the movers come early Tuesday morning to put us out of our misery!

Seriously people. The boxes are piled SKY HIGH. This morning I was in the kitchen/dining room (which is open concept to the living room) and I hollered to Jason thinking he was in the bedroom. Nope. He peeks out from behind a mountain of boxes and was all, "I'm sitting RIGHT here on the couch, you don't have to yell."

And anything that is not in boxes is totally out of order. Everything is filthy dirty and not even worth cleaning. There's so little floor left actually exposed that you'd just be vacuuming, sweeping or mopping one meandering little trail through the place. I swear it's causing my neat freak brain to seize right up!

We eat off of paper plates that food juice just soaks right through and we break like 12 plastic forks each night at dinner. If I hear the snapping of one more plastic utensil I might just lose it!

And it's a little unhealthy how RIDICULOUSLY excited I am to unpack, sort and organize! Oh, man...my heart's all a pitter patter just thinking about it!

Just have to survive through Monday.... Inhale... only one more day....Exhale.... Just have to survive 'till Tuesday morning.... Inhale... Tuesday is not far away... exhale... Oh sweet Tuesday come quickly!


Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness! You had me rolling on the floor laughing at that one! Is that why you almost bit my head off over that missing piece of paper the other day?! :-) Just the thought of you hollering for Jason when he is behind a pile of boxes in the living room cracks me up! I hope for your sakes that the move goes smoothly and you get settled happily in your new place soon! Love you!

Wendy Smith said...

I can relate to this. However, it's b/c I usually am saying the Jason part, and I just KNOW that it's Kevin's fault that I can't find stuff!