Jun 28, 2009


FRIDAY 6/26/09
Reconnected with an old friend today. So great to see her and talk wit her. With her we can just pick up where we left off. We have a lot in common and I love that she is so actively growing in her relationship with the Lord. She encourages me and we always spur each other on in good spiritual discussions! She has two little ones now. One 4 and one 2. Last I saw her, her oldest was just a year or so old!

Went to a praise and worship time at the church. Jason stayed home to put the little one to sleep. What a refreshing time. God really met me there. He’s been so present in my life through this whole move, showing me His love and grace and inviting me to rest in it. Speaking to me in so many different ways….through His Word… through a book I’m reading…through friends…through the lyrics in the music tonight…all echoing the same things over and over… I love it when His voice is this clear!

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