Jun 28, 2009


We tried out our first church down here today. Very different. Different is not bad….it’s just different. And I’m such a creature of habit that it made me miss CCOD very much! First twinge of homesickeness!

However some friends of ours go to this church and invited us over for lunch at their house along with all of their family. Was so nice to be included in their gathering. We had a wonderful time and felt very loved!

But I digress…I really wanted to write about Father’s Day. It has made me reflect a bit. So many fathers in this world are at worst abusive, or completely absent, or not involved very much in their children’s lives if they are around.

But not Jason. I can sincerely say that having Ella has brought us even closer. Watching him with her makes me fall even more deeply in love with him every day. When you see the two of them together it is obvious that she melts his heart. It has been so neat to watch her bring out a whole new side of him. Who knew that like the flip of switch such a monotone man would make ridiculously expressive faces and high pitched sounds, would read books in funny voices and sing songs, would stop in his tracks to say “awww, she’s so cute”, or “those are cute noises little girl, cute noises you make!”.

And he’s not involved just for the fun parts. His intuition as a father is so in tune. He is often dead on when it comes to knowing what she needs, or wants. When it’s been a rough day he takes turns with me watching her so I can nap and then we switch so he can nap. He also takes turns with me getting up to get her in the middle of the night. He’ll bring her to me to nurse and then take her back in when she’s done and then I’ll do the next one. And on Saturday mornings he gets up with her and lets me sleep in a few more hours! I am so blessed to be married to this man! Honor and respect and appreciation he deserves today and every day!

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Cheryl said...

He definitely IS an excellent dad! You and Ella are so blessed!