Jun 10, 2009


Maybe I did it in order to outwardly reflect the inner life change we are going through.

Maybe I did it to symbolize this major transition into this thing we call mommy-hood.

Maybe I did it because I was tired of always throwing my hair back into a messy bun.

Maybe I did it because the little chicklette was having way to easy a time grabbing chucks of the long locks.

Maybe I did it to finally get all of my old dyed hair off and see what my natural hair color really is.

Any which way you cut it (yes, pun intended!) I got my hair CHOPPED! It's about the most stylish hair cut I've ever had. I feel so chic! It's easy to do. It's really cute and for the time being I'm lovin' it! May not keep it this way forever but it was definitely time to get out of the mommy zone with the forever pulled back messy pony tale and make a change! And I don't care if you hate it! You better lie through your teeth and tell me it looks FABULOUS anyway!


Amy said...

It's WAY cute!!!! You look so put together!!!

Esther said...

It DOES look fab. I need to get mine cut again... it's getting too messy and BLAH. And you're right, it is way too easy for Kirsten to grab and pull!

Karen said...

I love it!!!! Julia just got hers cut too the other day and it is similar. Aunt Karen

Sarah said...

That's funny Aunt Karen....when I saw these pictures of myself I thought..."I look a lot like Julia!"

Angie Cousins said...

It looks wonderful- I love it! But then again your hair always looks wonderful (granted I don't often see you on the days it's just pulled back- but even then...). Glad it all worked out!