Jun 28, 2009

Tuesday 6/16/09 Mullets Rock!

TUESDAY 6/16/09: The movers showed up at 9am. I kid you not. This is who moved us. Sawyer from Lost (only with one rockin’ mullet!), Jessie Metcalf (the gardener from Desperate Housewives that Gabby was having an affair with.)and Mario (yes, like from Super Mario Brothers)

They finished at 6pm, we cleaned, packed up the last bits and headed out around 8:15. Way later than planned. We got to our new place at 11:30 after a more than sketchy late night stop at the Biddeford Irving to nurse the babe. Awesome!

When I started blowing up the airbed (At 11:30pm in a duplex) it literally sounded like a jet engine! Jason insisted on plopping things down loudly on the floor as he unloaded and Quinn was meowing like a mad dog checking out his new place. “Sweet!” I thought, the neighbors will adore us already!


WEDNESDAY 6/17/09: Movers arrive at 8am. Unload everything by noon. Our queen box spring has to be sawed in half in order to fit up the cute little stairway. The boxes are piled SOOOO high I’m totally overwhelmed. Literally CANNOT get into our bedroom. This is the view from the door of the master bedroom:

True to form I push through and just start tacklin’! Got the kitchen, bathroom, our room and part of the baby’s room unpacked.

Saw our neighbor out front in the a.m (Lets call her Abby). I apologized for the noise. Apparently there’s a cement wall in between the two sides of the house and she didn’t hear a thing last night (or she’s just being really polite). Praise the Lord! We have had several good little conversations.


THURSDAY 6/18/09:
Sarah’s my name. Unpackin’s my game! Got Ella’s room completely unpacked. Unpacked all the books. Unpacked all the office stuff. Sorted, sorted, sorted. GIANT Goodwill run! Many trash bags filled! OH MAN I LOVE PURGING STUFF!!! Jason started on the basement and worked late into the night!

Observation: We are in young couples with babies mecca! Our four closest neighbors all have small children, toddlers, newborns or are pregnant. Wednesday evening, 10 gagillion moms went walking by our cute little place strolling their little babies along. I wanted to run out of the house every time one went by and yell, “HI! I’M SARAH! I’M NEW HERE. I HAVE A BABY TOO! WHAT’S YOUR NAME!?” But then I thought people might think I’m a little touched and not want to play with me….so I’ll try to meet them in a more reserved way. But I really am SO excited!


FRIDAY 6/19/09:
I got up early with the babe. When Jason woke up he took her and I got crackin’ again. Unpacked living room stuff, craft stuff, bedding and linens. Jason brought up many a huge tote from the basement, which I sorted and only kept a handful of things. YAY!

Was revved up for another Goodwill run when I had a brilliant idea….lets yardsale the stuff we think is sellable. Wavered… thought, “NO! Can’t stand stuff piled in the dining room. Must purge!” Went back the other way… thought, “You can handle it for a week or two. Think, you can make money AND meet everyone in the neighborhood!” Decided to yardsale! Still took a giant load to Goodwill and filled many more trash bags!

Empty totes going back to the basement feels SOOO good!

Time for decorations! Put up pictures, nic nacs, and curtains. MMmmmm, starting to feel like home!


Cheryl said...

Wow. You are amazing! And you make me a little sick. --hee hee-- Just kidding. How about you move into my house for a week or two, clear out all the clutter, and then I'll sell it?!

Cheryl said...

P.S. Your description of the movers is hilarious. I didn't even notice what they looked like. Just a bunch of tired looking guys getting out of a moving truck. :-) And did they seriously have to saw your box spring in half???!!! Oh my.