May 31, 2009

Practicing Sitting Up and other Random Adorableness (Yes...that's a word...kind of)

Alright I get it. Nobody wants my cat. If you change your mind, let me know. Until I shall oblige you with some adorable Ella photos from the past month-ish.

Here she is practicing sitting up (5 1/2 months). She's still quite wobbly and leans forward an extreme amount but that's why we practice in the squishy chair!

Loves to grab her feet! (5 1/2 months)
Loves her jumper! (5 months) Looks like her daddy 9,000% in this picture!
Learning piano chords from Tara! (5 months)

1 comment:

Angie Cousins said...

Okay, Lily would love your cat to pieces- but I think it might give Indy a nervous breakdown- so we'll have to pass- but I love the pics of Ella!