May 13, 2009

Dropped the Ball on That One!

Hey Jason, here's the ball...I'm throwing it to you...ohp you dropped it...yeah you really dropped it...mmmmm yeah, that one might as well have fallen into the great abyss!

I write this not to disrespect my hubby (he gave me permission to share), but to show that he is, in fact, fallible. You see, I often write about the sweet things he does and how amazing he is. Heaven forbid you get the impression that life is all rainbows and butterflies. So here's a little flash of reality that's just too good not to share!

Mother's Day first...I wake up, bustle around to get myself and the babe ready for church. Jason goes about his normal routine. Then he leaves...for an all day fishing trip. I go to church... by myself, still giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was just preoccupied with the trip and will totally do something later. I get home. Adore my child. Cook 7 casseroles to freeze. Wash, dry and fold three loads of laundry. Jason gets home. I wait. He unwinds. I wait. He asks what's for dinner. I'm waiting...... No "Happy mother's day". No flowers. Not even a card....nothin'! I finally bring the matter to his attention. Jason's reaction...priceless:

Silence...look of terror on face....begins hitting forehead saying, "Crap! Crap! Crap!"

Even his other macho man friend Kevin recognized the gravity of the situation when he told him and said, " forgot mother's day? Her first mother's day? Not good man. Not good!"


Now let me say this... Jason and I are not materialistic people. We don't really do presents except for birthdays and Christmas and even then it is only one per person. We don't value stuff. It doesn't mean a lot to us because the old adage is definitely true...Money Can't Buy Love! We value quality time spent with people, kind words, deep conversations etc. So I wasn't expecting anything extravagant. But I'm not gonna lie. I thought he'd make me breakfast or we'd sit over a candle lit dinner at home...or maybe he'd make me a card...or maybe he'd say "Happy Mother's day" !

To Jason's credit. He had remembered Mother's day was coming up a few weeks he says! He SAYS he bought me a card then and had planned to make me breakfast in bed but just totally spaced when the actual day rolled around.

Best/funniest part about the whole thing. After he realized what day it was he went to find the card he had bought me....tore the house apart...couldn't find it....realized he left it in the lap top case....of his school issued computer...which he turned in on Friday!

Don't feel sorry for me. We laugh about it now. And the poor guy feels so bad! I think I've gotten breakfast in bed every morning since adorable handwritten card...home-baked cookies and flowers! I keep telling him to stop. He even offered to go out and buy me the DSLR camera I'm saving for. Knowing we can't afford it and it would be a cc purchase if made, I said absolutely not! why am I so reasonable sometimes!?

And on mother's day I did get a carnation at church....a beautiful card from my mother with a lovey note that made my cry (good tears)....and a lovely gift from my friend Shannon! It's all good!


Angie Cousins said...

This just means that next Mothers Day with be extra special- I'm sure Jason will make sure!:)
It was great seeing you guys the other night!

Cheryl said...

He's normally so thoughtful, I couldn't believe he forgot Mother's Day. I bet he never forgets another one! Or at least he better not. :-)