May 19, 2009

Tara Learns to Fly Fish

This experience happened on the Grand Lake Stream fishing getaway which I detailed below. But it definitely warranted it's OWN post! Gotta love this girl.

Tara and Sam have been hiking UP and DOWN the river much of the fish. They finally find Jason and I. Tara's about ready to call it quits. Jason gives her a quick lesson and one of his special flies. She picks it up quickly.By about the 4th cast she hooks one! As she fights it we see her frowning. "Why are you frowning!? You've got a fish on," Sam exclaims. "I know," Tara wails, "BUT I FEEEEL BAD FOR IT!"Jason nets it. Tara continues to contort her face...deeply feeling the fishy's agony and even more scared now that she thinks Jason will hurt it taking the hook out.I explain that it won't hurt, that the hook is small, and tell her how to hold it and release it properly so the fish will be okay. All is well with the world. She lights up, cracks a classic Tara grin for the camera and says, "That was fun! I wanna do THAT again!"A high five is in order.

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Cheryl said...

Tara is so expressive and funny! Those are some great pics. I love the high five at the end. Good story telling. :-) And I loved the one of you in the other post, doing a Jason pose -- fishing rod in mouth so you can have both hands free to display the great catch of the day.