May 2, 2009

Middle of the Night Feedings

I'll admit, when she first starts to fuss and whimper at 3am (I truly can't complain too much because that's her only nighttime feeding), my initial reaction is to roll back over and pray to Jesus that she'll just go back to sleep.

But then I'm in her room, getting her out of her crib, snuggling that adorable little body with the sleepy eyes that are still fully shut but the gaping mouth that's just searching for food. And she melts my heart all over again.

Recently, every time I catch myself thinking, "Are you full yet? Can I go back to sleep," the still small voice of the Lord enters in and says to me, "Sarah, savor these moments. Do not wish them away. She will only be small enough to cradle in one arm for so long. She will only depend on you solely for her sustenance for so long. You will only have these middle of the night times where it's just you and her, rocking softly in the dim light of her nursery for so long. Drink in this precious sight."

Thank-you Lord for Middle of the Night Feedings!


Cheryl said...

Yeah, that's the spirit!

Ever heard this rhyme? (I forgot the first part), but the end goes...
So settle down cobwebs and dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep! :-)

shannon said...

yes it's part of a much longer piece that i recently discovered called "song for a fifth child"--it's great and posted above my changing table :)

Anonymous said...

Kelsey used to get me up really early in the morning for a bottle and we would snuggle together under a big comforter. After the bottle, we could both go back to bed and sleep. A friend told me I should just give her the bottle in her crib and let her feed herself, but I told her, "No way...this is the only time in the day that the two of us have to ourselves!" I loved that time! And I still have such fond memories of that little warm body snuggled against me and that time to be alone together! And I hate getting out of a warm bed for anything!

--Debby B.