Apr 27, 2009

A Real Page Turner

More videos. Yay! Here's one of Ella turning the pages in her book. We (my mom included) have been reading to her and saying, "Turn the page Ella," then taking her hand and showing her how to do it. Well, now she does it on her own! Super smart if you ask me! Okay, so she only turns them half way but I still find it quite impressive. (I know, my high pitched, super excited baby voice is in ALL of these videos. What can I say? It's instinctual. You'll just have to deal with it!)

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Esther said...

This is super-cute! I just have to say, though, that our babies are VERY different! Kirsten has never sat that still for that long... ever. : ) When we try to read her books, she just squirms, grabs them, and puts them directly in her mouth. But it's fun to see Ella enjoying her story time so much!