Apr 14, 2009

Permission to Speak Freely Sir!? Permission Granted!

Okay, we've told most of our family, the people at our workplaces and some friends...to the rest of you this will be a complete surprise....

Jason is going back into engineering. He got a job at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. He worked there before training to be a nuclear engineer but did not like it. He will not be going the nuclear route this time, jut mechanical and he thinks he'll really like it. We'll know in a couple weeks exactly when he'll be starting, but the month being thrown around is June. AHHHH! That's a little faster than we had originally thought.

The cons are:
~This means yet another move (you know how much I LOVE moving).
~We'll be moving away from my mom and sister who we are so close to now, which means we'll see them less and Ella won't get to be around them as much.
~We'll be moving away from our amazing church family, some super close friends and my beloved mommy group.
~I'll be leaving the clients and staff team at work that I ADORE.
~Jason won't be able to deer hunt the places he really likes to, or fish all the places up north he's gotten to know so well.
~The cost of living down there is more expensive, we'll have to rent for a couple years.
~We'll have to find new baby sitters.

The pros are:
~I will be able to stay home with Ella and concentrate on trying to start a little home business Jason has forever been encouraging me to do (Or perhaps just work one day a week at first).
~Money will still be tight at first, but with raises over the next few years it will put us in a place financially where we'll be able to pay off debt, build up a savings, put money away for Ella's college and save up for a down payment on a house.
~The department Jason is going to seems very family friendly, he'll be able to work 4 10's so he'll be home with us 3 days a week, and he won't ever have to bring home work!
~I really like the Southern Maine area...lots of stuff to do....lots of beaches close by.
~As Jason thinks about having to rethink his outdoor adventures, he is getting jazzed about getting back into striper fishing, learning how to fish the Androscogin River and exploring the beautiful Bethel area.
~We have an awesome church family in York that we can return to with great people that we had only begun to get to know when we left. It will be an easy place to start back up and build deeper friendships and a great support network.
~When you rent you don't have to worry about any yard work, snow plowing or maintenance.....
~We're still in Maine so we'll still see family. And we'll be closer to one Auntie Erin!
~Even though I adore moving so much....we've vowed to each other that this one is permanent!

So all in all, the conclusion is...it's bitter sweet...but we really believe it's the right thing for our family and we have seen God's hand of confirmation all along the way.


Amy said...

Oh that's great you guys!!!! I bet you're excited about staying home!!!

I'm sad for Grandma though :o(

Krissy said...

So Exciting!!! I am really happy for you guys. Let me know if you need anything!!

Anonymous said...

I like babysitting :) I'm EXCITED!!!!

Cheryl said...

I love the title of this post. Very cute and fitting. I don't love that you're going to be moving away. :( But I do think it's wonderful that you will be able to stay home with Ella, Jason will have a four day work week, better pay, etc. You guys are always in my prayers, as the Lord leads you in your decision making process. And I'll just have to get a better car and drive down to see you once in a while! Hope there's room on your floor for the air mattress. :-)