Apr 7, 2009

A Little Piece o' my Mind...non-baby related!

Okay, this has been bugging me for a few days... If you heard a husband or boyfriend saying to his wife or girlfriend, "You're not allowed to (fill in the blank....spend money, go somewhere etc. etc.)" What would you think? If you heard a man ordering a woman to do things like, cleaning, laundry or going to pick something up at a store. What would you think? You'd think that man is chauvinistic and controlling and that it is not a healthy relationship...right? You might even be worried for the woman's safety in such an unhealthy dynamic right?

Okay then....WHY is it okay in our society for women to do that to men!!?? You see it so often! Women are controlling dictators and their guys are doormats who shut their mouths and do as their told! It is so demeaning and disrespectful when women do that! Not to mention what guy would ever want to get emotionally or physically close to a woman who treats him like that!? I cannot stand it when I see relationships like that! It's so opposite of God's design and it's so unhealthy!

The thought of me telling Jason what to do makes me bust a gut laughing just thinking about it! If I EVER ordered him to do something or, for instance, told him he wasn't allowed to spend money, he'd look right in my face and crack up and say something like, "You're not being serious are you!?" And then, if for some reason I was being serious...I know he'd go out and do the exact thing I had told him not to....just to prove that he is his own person, with his own will, and that he cannot be told what to do like a child.

Our relationship is NOT perfect but I'm so glad to have a relationship where Jason is the loving, responsible head of the household. Does that mean he controls me? Heck no! He does his darndest to have my best interest at heart and love me and I do my darndest to have his best interest at heart and respect him. I can honestly say that we have NEVER told each other what to do, weather it be household chores, money spending or any kind of family decision!

I'm so glad to have a relationship built on love and mutual understanding...one where if we want something from the other we ASK NICELY...novel idea isn't it?...pretty sure most of us learned the concept in kindergarten! One where instead of telling each other what to do, we express our opinions, wants and desires and have discussions and conversations in order to make decisions that are the best decisions for BOTH of us. I can honestly say that we do a dang good job at that. And seeing some other relationships out there, makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful for our relationship....for my husband... for the amazing man that God alone turned Jason into...and for the fact that Jason would NEVER allow himself to be a doormat or be told what to do!

Women I beg of you....stop controlling your men and ordering them around! It is SO VERY UNBECOMING and it is disrespectful and detrimental to your relationship and to the psyche of your guy! And men...I beg of you...stop allowing yourselves to be controlled...stand up and say "I am not a doormat!"

Okay. I feel better now with that off of my chest. Feel free to throw in your two cents!


Krissy said...

WoW!! I hope that you do feel better.
You are not wrong :)
It makes it very tense and uncomfortable to be around when you see that kind of interaction.

Cheryl said...

Wow, that sounded like a big piece of your mind! :-) But I agree whole heartedly.