Apr 19, 2009

Prime Piece of Real Estate for Sale!

The circumstances surrounding Jason getting this job were too perfect to be just coincidence (perhaps I'll write the details out one of these days). Along with the many hours of prayer that went into this whole decisions, it is undeniable that God's hand is in it and He is paving the way.

My next big question to worry about (there's always something) has been...Okay, new job, moving, who in heck is going to want to buy our trailer in the middle of a giant dirt patch, when the economy and real estate market are just booming away!?

Don't get me wrong. We have 3 acres, with beautiful views and it was going to make a lovely spot for a house....someday....when we planted grass, and trees and such. But right now...it's not much to look at. That picture right there is purty much exactly what our entire lot looks like!

We can't afford rent in southern Maine and a mortgage up here while we wait for it to sell, and I don't want to be up here without Jason while he sleeps on friends couches during the work week and then comes home on the weekends while we wait to sell. So, all the while we were praying for God's will in this job and large life change one of my prayers has been this word for word..."God, if you want this to happen, please prepare a buyer for this house and land. And please work all the timing issues out."

Once again God has shown that He is good and that He will provide if we just trust in Him. When Jason got the official job offer he decided to go knock on our neighbors door and ask if he wanted to buy our place. His response? "Yup, just tell me how much and I'll go to the bank." It seems that he had been thinking about buying it before we did anyway. And he wants to accumulate all the land on his side of the road and be able to control who lives next to him. He has no time table so when we close and move is up to us and we can line it up perfectly with our needs. WOW.


Cheryl said...

Amen! God IS good! So glad that everything is falling into place so wonderfully for you guys.

Esther said...

That is amazing! Wow God is answering prayers left and right. We were just talking about this at small group tonight - I am so glad God is ahead of us all the time : )

Melissa said...

Hi I came across your blog today. I agree with you whole heartedly. As a mother to two boys, I would never want them dictated around by a woman. I get worried in todays world of "Princess in Training", "Girl Power", etc, that girls are growing up thinking its the right thing to disrespect boys and be rude to them.