Jul 1, 2009

Kissing Fed Ex men, a Confessioin, Peas and a fun video too!

I could have KISSED the FedEx man when he arrived during Ella's morning nap to deliver the modem! Either he sensed the impending inappropriate display of affection or I took too long to answer the door. Either way he left the modem hanging on the knob and ran to his truck before I could plant one on him! Internet at my house! It's a little scary how much I love internet. Also, now I will be able to post as I think of things and you won't be subjected to large onslaughts of multiple posts at once when ever I get a chance to post all I've stored up!


Confession: I fell off the cloth diapering wagon. When we moved I packed up the cloth knowing that disposables would be much easier during the move. And then it was just a slippery slope from there. Excuse after excuse kept coming as to why I hadn’t busted the cloth back out yet.

The primary excuse is a really good one. Right now Ella has outgrown the smaller ones - but the bigger pre-folds I got are ginormous and they don’t sell and in-between size L. But it’s time to buck up and get back to business. So I’ve come up with a solution.

I took the bigger pre-folds, cut them down to size, sewed up the edge and sewed up the edge on the scrap piece which now make great insert/doublers! Fabulous. Once again feeling good about saving money and the environment!


Here's Ella eating peas. She really likes to hold the spoon and feed herself. Aside from shoving the spoon too far into her mouth and gagging, she does a fabulous job! She's a good little eater and I couldn't resist these pics!

Ella plays this adorable peekaboo game....either that or she just really likes being under blankets! Have a peek:


Cheryl said...

That looks like a fun game, and I think she could do it all day long! And I like how she uses her feet to help get the blanket back up there at the end. She's a smart cookie. I'm so glad you shared this video. I miss that little sweetheart!

Cheryl said...

P.S. The pictures of Ella eating peas are priceless! And... Jason's probably glad you didn't kiss the FedEx guy. :-) SO Happy for you that you have internet again! YAY!!!